Arjun On Star Plus 28th October 2012 Episode ~ Star Plus

Arjun 28th October 2012 Full Episode Star Plus Har Yug me ayega Ek Arjun 28 October 2012 Latest Episode Superstar Riyaz flirts with the heroine of his film, Sania but suddenly dies. Sania reveals to the ETF that Riyaz had a fight along with her husband, Sharat and suddenly was unable to breath. From the forensic document, the ETF learns that the reason for Riyaz’s death was due to a combination of alcohol and codeine. Arjun and his team suspect Riyaz’s secretary, Natasha.  

Natasha reveals to the ETF that they desired to kill Sania and mixed codeine in Sania’s water bottle but Riyaz drank the water and died.The employees and guests of a hotel are taken hostage by a group of naxals who demand the release of a prisoner from jail. ACP Arjun faces legal action for abusing Patan Lala, a criminal, in the court. ETF is called to deal with the hostage situation. Arjun and Riya pose as economics professors and become hostages in the hotel. After an auditor is tortured and killed for a pen drive, they find out that the ransom demand is a cover up for the embezzlement of government money by the Home Minister.ETF investigates the murder of a resort owner, Maheto. 
Maheto is found dead in his hotel swimming pool along with his face and fingers burnt. The hotel manager, receptionist and guests are interrogated. Amit Ray, the victim’s mate is arrested for walking a Ganja racket in Maheto’s property. Riya is traumatised after shooting a man in the Ganja raid. Arjun deduces that Maheto was originally Nitish Agarkar who had faked his own death for insurance money and framed his driver, Prasad for the murder.

Arjun On Star Plus 28th October 2012 Episode ~ Star Plus

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